An excess of verbalicity

Welcome to an excess of verbalicity, the home of wordsmiths and lexical outlaws. As wordsmiths (and lexical outlaws) we believe in constantly expanding our everyday vocabulary, and in our quest for linguistic perfection we have decided to start fashioning our own words for use in the English language - you never know we might even branch out and attempt some different languages in the future - though rest assured that English (US) will not be one of them, in fact if you currently have your spell checker set to English (US) please go immediately to file and select close………

Our language should be an ever evolving beast and we like our creatures to be many headed, untamable monsters. Therefore we've decided to lend the evolutionary process a hand and introduce some new species of utterance. Inevitably some of these words will no doubt turn out to be short lived freaks of language, but it is our hope that some of our carefully crafted parole go on to become real apex lingual predators.

So whether you're a cunning linguist or merely aspire to astound your contemparies with some deviant word play, please browse our ever expanding list of new and exciting, never before seen words - in other words (pun intended) click the link below……..

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