Phrases And Terms

Cerebral Tempest:- This new and dynamic term is to be used instead of dull old boring brain storm, from now on when you want to inject some enthusiasm into an idea's session use the term Cereral Tempest - it's cool!

To Humberise:- Popular saying in the bleaker north of England, generally used in the work place to describe the action hiding a mistake from one's boss. Theory suggests its origins are tied to employees of British Areospace, who would alledgedly throw poorly made items into the river Humber or Humberise them.

Dead Whore:- A red herring thrown at someone with the purpose of putting a monkey-wrench in their mental factulies :
Aunt : Wow, you've grown so tall.
Nephew : Yes, and can you believe I'm not wearing pants.

It should be noted that a successful dead whore tossing attempt relies on something of an absurd irrelevance to the conversation being planted in the receivers mind, thus gumming up the works. Therefore, the long sought after "double dead whore" is thought to be impossible. As, once you have shut down the gears any future dead whores have no effect and the resulting confusion acts as a buffer against any further confusion. You cannot confuse the already confused. However, a single dead whore has been delivered in 1/3 incremental doses achieved with the participation of three people working together and who happened to catch on at exactly the right time.

Whack-stick:- Something that is so different from the norm that comparing the difference from the norm seems like the product of mangling in a shocking way. From the root phrase "as if had been bent over a table and beaten by a whack-stick." Example in point, Portuguese, which is similar enough to confuse the Spanish speaker with it's whack-sticks, some a simple example :

Phrase Spanish Portuguese Is Whack-stick?
Of course. Claro. Claro. No.
Where? ¿Dónde? Onde? No.
Nice to meet you. Bueno concerte Bom conote. You betcha.

To FarkSnuker:- To have your way with something in an obscenely gratifying way apparent only to the person doing the farksnukering. This does not have to be related to sex in any way, as the current writer has, and will continue to, farksnuker programming languages.

To CodeSpank:- To update obscenely out of date code. For example: Updating BASIC written in the 70's to a modern BASIC dialect. Someone who codespanks is known as a codespanker, The result of said codespanking is known as a codespank. Codespanking can be also considered to be an act of farksnukering.

Zip Descriptiod:- A phrase or set or words that contains absolutely no useful description whatsoever. For example, the commonly used title : The Amazing Spiderman. In reality, the Amazing Spiderman is not a man, nor a spider, nor is he in any way amazing.

Monkey Donkey:- To reply in the affirmitive, everything is fine, OK, Okey-Dokey. Some believe that the phrase has it's roots in Chinese mythology with the Monkey God tricking a lowly Donkey into believing that it was OK for him to be a beast of burden. A further school of thought attributes this odd turn of phrase to the travels of the little known Roman merchant Manfredus Atribetes Pilos. Manfredus was one of the very first Roman merchants to travel to the British Isles after the initial Roman invasion, he became a footnote in history for his appalling grasp of languages, and ended his days as a Gladiator training dummy in the ampitheatre of Londinium.

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